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20240423 Documentary about Ny-Ă…lesund

Documentary about Ny-Ă…lesund

20240318 Lots of ice in the fjord

Lots of ice in the fjord

20240322 Polar bear hunts for reindeer

Polar bear hunts for reindeer

20240121 Buitenhof national television

Buitenhof national television

The Netherlands Arctic Station

located on Spitsbergen in the northernmost village of the world,Ny-Ålesund, which is an international research base.
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Postal address:
Netherlands Arctic Station, P.O.Box 1, N-9173 Ny-Ålesund, Norway
0031 50 7200 449 (Skypein number, with voicemail)

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New: STREETVIEW a virtual walk through town.
Newest: ACTIVITY twitter with people in the station.

De twee middelste hutjes zijn het poolstation

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