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Margje de Jong - We were back before dinner. Christophe and Catharina sampled their last lake and we had a really nice hike. We saw still puffins and fulmars in the cliff. Also some pretty ptarmigan on the way back.

posted 17-08-2020 at 18:17

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For 2021, the information about the people staying in the station is not available yet.

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Bettina Haupt Lucas Blijdorp Sandra Graßl Rubén Balaño González
Susana Garcia Espada Evelina Nohr Erlend Havenstrøm Espen Ulvenes
Vegard Kollstrøm Sand Bjørnar Martinsen Suzanne Wasa Hagen Marine Ilg
Hilde Jørgensen Karin  Taraldsen

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